UNCG Employer Guide



arrowGuiding Principles

The UNCG Career Services Center fully embraces the Principles for Professional Conduct developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). These principles guide our work as Career Services Professionals and the way we advocate for our students and partner with employers. We seek for all our employer partners to embrace the outlined NACE Principles for Employment Professionals to optimize our shared goal of achieving the best match between each individual student and the employing organization.

arrowThird Party, Contractual, and Staffing Services

All representatives of these organizations are urged to review the NACE document referenced above as it contains specific definitions and guidance to third-party recruiters who recruit college graduates through the college recruitment process. On the UNCG campus, we require third-party recruiters to engage in full transparency and disclose the client whom they are representing for open positions to ensure students can make appropriate decisions about pursuing particular opportunities.

arrowTiming of Offers

UNCG requires that all employers communicate offers in writing to candidates with specificity about corresponding decision deadlines. The Career Services Center may also contact your organization to obtain offer information for incorporation into aggregate employment data reporting. Employers need to allow students a reasonable amount of time to weigh an offer. The Career Services Center does not advocate situations where employers are placing pressure on students or threatening withdrawal of offers after short periods of time. As best practice, we encourage employers to allow students a period of three weeks to ensure they have time to evaluate the offer and assess fit. Some students due to personal circumstances may require additional time to consider an offer and we urge employers to consider these on a case by case basis and grant wherever possible. These practices significantly diminish any chance of student reneges. Due to personal circumstances, some students may require additional time to consider an offer, and we urge employers to consider these on a case by case basis and grant further time wherever possible.


UNCG works proactively to avoid reneges of accepted offers by students. We work to educate students on the importance of thoroughly weighing an employment offer and then the critical importance of committing fully once accepted. Similarly, we seek for employers to keep their commitments to offers extended. If you must rescind an offer, you are required to immediately contact the affected student(s) as well as the Career Services Center. Renege activity can affect your ongoing recruiting relationship with UNCG.