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The Career Services Center is your gateway to finding and hiring students for your campus jobs.


Posting a campus job is easy and convenient through our online database, Handshake. You will need an account to get started. If you have an account already and don't know your password, click Forgot Password and the system will generate a new one. You can continue to make changes to your account including your employer profile and updating previously posted jobs.

arrowManaging Students

We have compiled a library of training materials to support you and your colleagues in hiring and managing student employees. Many have been created by the Student Employment Office. Please use them as guidelines in developing your own forms for your department. It is important to be consistent in interviewing, evaluating, and cultivating your student employees.

arrowSupervisor Forms

The following are forms essential for any supervisor managing a student employee, including work-study forms and tax information. Please also visit UNCG Conduct Policies for Students to familiarize yourself with the student code of conduct.

Resources for Student Employment

List of Acceptable I-9 Documents

  • The Form I-9 must be completed in the Student Employment Office before or on 1st day of work
  • Employees must present one selection from List A or a combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C.
  • All documents must be original and unexpired

Federal Work Study Student Action Form

Instructions for completing the Federal Work Study Student Action Form

Complete when you hire or change the status of a FWS student employee
Departmental (Non-Work-Study) Fill out appropriate Banner HR EPAF form


Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

W4, NC-4, Direct Deposit, Payroll Address Change and other forms
The Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act of 1974 Student employees who are in positions with access to student records protected by FERPA must review.
Student Employee Timesheet Time record form
NEW! Student Work Schedule To be attached to the student timesheet for all FWS participants.
Student Code of Conduct Process UNCG student policies

arrowFederal Work-Study Overview

Federal Work-Study provides subsidized part-time employment for students with financial need. Students must apply for financial aid and receive a Federal Work-Study award from the Office of Student Financial Aid in order to work under this program. Funds are restricted to students who are either citizens or permanent residents of the United States. International students with an F-1 or J-1 Visa are not eligible, but are still eligible to work on-campus in regular departmental student positions.

Each year, the Financial Aid Office and the Student Employment Office determine work-study allocations for individual departments and offices. The federal program pays 75% of the student's earnings and 25% are covered by a state account, except in the case of revenue-generating ("fee-based") departments, who pay 25% from their own budget. In order for a department to receive funding for student positions, an application must be completed with the Student Employment Office between January and February. Please email seo@uncg.edu for more information.

arrowFrequently Asked Questions about Student Employees

What form do I complete to hire a student employee?
For non work-study students, you must complete the Banner HR EPAF. Be sure ALL information has been provided including the I-9 date. To hire a federal work-study student, you must complete the Federal Work-Study Student Action Form located at: https://hrs.uncg.edu/Files/

What is the last day a student employee can work?
Federal work-study students cannot work past May 3rd. Departmental student employees can work for as long as the submitted EPAF indicates. To extend the payroll period, a new EPAF must be submitted. Graduate assistants’ last day is determined by The Graduate School.

Is a recently graduated student eligible to work as a student employee during the summer?
No. Upon graduation, he/she is no longer a student. Arrangements for jobs are made through Human Resources.

My department has a work-study allocation, so how do I attract students to apply?
Start with a well worded job description. Students like a clear idea of what will be expected of them before they apply for a job. Be available during SOAR. Students are encouraged to make appointments with potential supervisors while they are on campus for the summer SOAR.

How can I verify if a student has a work-study award?
Contact the Financial Aid Office or the Student Employment Office to verify eligibility. You will be asked to provide the student’s I.D. number.

When are students’ timesheets due?
Timesheets are due the 10th of the month. Due to the early payroll in December, time sheets will be called for approximately two weeks early. Refer to Payroll’s Web page for the exact deadline: https://banner.uncg.edu/hr/hr-dates-and-deadlines/

What do I do if I have a problem with a student worker?
If you feel you have exhausted all means of rectifying the problem, the Student Employment Office has a student employment counselor on staff that can counsel the student as needed or serve as a mediator between the student and the supervisor. If the student feels they would prefer an advocate, they will be referred to the Dean of Students.